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This view of the history of the Powers (and related) Families started in 1992 as a simple effort to list grandparents (and great-grandparents) for my children. Somehow, once I got started, I just kept going. I just wanted to track-down one more line of the family. It has now become an effort (my wife says a passion) to find and preserve as much about our family as possible.

Any project like this is never "finished" and so the author invites you to share any additional information you may have about the family. The author also wants to thank those who have already helped, with special thanks to Katherine Ferguson, John Terrell, Jr., Harry Bailey, Irving Powers, Pete Rudd, Tom Rudd, Bruce P. (Mrs. Carl R.) Saunders, Wayne Eller, Gerald Eller, Ed Eller and Peggy Troutman. Countless others have loaned pictures or helped supply dates and names. To all of you, I am most grateful.

Because the process of making the webpages from my computerized database plus the process of moving that material onto the server takes so long, I do not re-generate the webpages every time we get a correction or additional data. I do try to update the website about once a year and when there have been significant changes. Some sections, where there haven't been significant updates, haven't been updated online in a couple years.

For each surname listed above, I have prepared a page of general information and a link (or links) at the top of the page to a database starting from a distant ancestor. In a few cases, I have divided the database into more than one section.

One of the great frustrations in genealogy is the "blank line." I have now encountered many. Some are especially painful because they are only a few generations back.

As you will see, the Bailey line has lots of information but I've been unable to firmly connect generations past Great-great-grandfather Richard H.L. Bailey. And my wife Lois can track the Paynter and Wynn lines back only a few generations. If this book falls into the hands of someone with additional information, please share it with the author, and through him, with his children and grandchildren.

Let me confess here at the outset, there are probably some mistakes. Some of the data was copied from bad photocopies of old and smudged carbons. The names and dates were not easily readable and despite my use of a magnifying glass, I am sure I probably miss-read some of them. I have also relied on the memories of many people, which -- as we all know -- is not always perfect. But if there are mistakes, the blame should not go to these people who have tried their best to respond to my many, many questions. I alone assume the blame.

If there are doubts, I have tried to so note in the charts. I have resisted the temptation to make connections where there isn't significant evidence. But I have relied on the earlier work of several historians, and while I believe their evidence substantial, there is always room to re-examine their evidence, and mine.

Let me also confess that not every name, date and location is proved beyond any doubt. I believe it would be a mistake to disregard evidence provided by members of the family that -- while it may not meet the strictest genealogical rules -- was given in good faith and appears to be correct.


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