13. James TERRELL (2) died in Apr 1772 in Caroline County, Virginia. He was born in New Kent County, Virginia.
John A. Terrell, Jr. says James Terrell came to North Carolina from Caroline County, Virginia by way of Cumberland County, Virginia. He notes that on 29 Jul 1761, Lord Granville granted 700 acres to James Terrell in Granville County, NC. This land is on the north side of the Tar River and on both sides of Mill Run. Order Book 1755-1758, p. 32. Historian Don C. Terrell ("The Terrell Family, " 1988) says he lived in Caroline County, although he purchased -- with his brother Joel and Henry and brother-in-law David Lewis -- land in Goochland. James Terrell became a Cornet (something like a Lieutenant) in the British Army on 09 Apr 1742. Later, a James Terrell that could be "our line," is listed as a Sergeant in Cpt. Mercer's company in the Colonial Virginia (under Gen. George Washington) army.
The children listed below are from James' will, found in Cumberland County, Virginia and dated 18 October 1766.
John Terrell says there are records in Cumberland County of all the male heirs selling their land in Cumberland County and moving to places along the Virginia-Carolina border (Halifax Va & Caswell NC).

Margaret WATKINS (daughter of John WATKINS) died in May 1772 in Caroline County, VA.(3) James TERRELL and Margaret WATKINS had the following children:

child+45 i. William TERRELL.
child+46 ii. Mary TERRELL.
child+47 iii. James TERRELL.
child+48 iv. Betty TERRELL.
child+49 v. Patty TERRELL.
child50 vi. John TERRELL(4). John A. Terrell says this John Terrell's will shows he relocated to Caswell County, NC.
child51 vii. Dudley TERRELL. In 1733, Dudley Terrell owned land in Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg. Since his taxes were paid by John Ragsdale, it is assumed he was a non-resident.
Dudley was listed as a Sergeant with the original muster of Cpt. James Johnson's Company in 1776 (6th Va. Regiment) p.217 OFS In Charlotte County.
William Terrell was granted administration of Dudley Terrell's estate (deceased) in Nov 1777. He was probably killed in the Revolutionary war. He was probably unmarried and had no children. The land in Lunenburg County may well play a role in our family's decision to settle there.
child52 viii. Jonathan TERRELL(5). Jonathan gets from his father land in Culpeper County (all the other brothers get land in Cumberland County).
John A. Terrell, Jr. says Jonathan relocated to property in Both Campbell County and Halifax County, Virginia.
child53 ix. Neffe TERRELL(4).