3. Sampson POWER was born about 1717 in Lower Norfolk, Virginia. He died in 1765.
Sampson Power, Jr. was not yet of age when his father died in 1730. He appeared on the list of tithables with is mother in 1733. By custom, that would be the year he turned 16. As a result, we calculate his birth around 1717.
Sampson's last appearance with his mother was in the 1736 tithables.
He then appears in 1750 by himself
We do not know Sampson Jr's wife. One possibility is Judith Taylor, who is mentioned in Thomas Taylor's (Lower Norfolk) 18 May 1745 will.
Sampson Junior left his property to a daughter, Elizabeth. Its the only name mentioned in his will. There is no mention of a son, which leads to speculation that he had no male children. However, his will mentions dividing property among "...my children." So, at the least, Elizabeth had siblings. However, the decision not to leave his estate to an eldest son is persuasive (considering the time) that he did not have male ofspring.

He was married to UNKNOWN. Sampson POWER and UNKNOWN had the following children:

child13 i. Elizabeth POWER.