Genealogy & Family History

This view of the history of the Powers (and related) Families started in 1992 as a simple effort to list grandparents (and great-grandparents) for my children. Somehow, once I got started, I just kept going. I just wanted to track-down one more line of the family. It has now become an effort (my wife says a passion) to find and preserve as much about our family as possible and try to preserve it for future generations.

This database has thousands of names, places and dates. It is most easily searched using the "name index" or the "pedigree" links in the yellow-box to the left. If you are looking for information on a specific "family line," you can go to that line (also shown in the yellow box) and then jump to one of the people in the database listed under "my research." Or you can start from me and work backwards along the family lines.

I don't update the online database every time I make a change or addition. Even though it takes time, I try to make an update every six months.

Some of the information here comes from others who have posted their genealogy on  There is a great deal of primary data there, but also research that isn’t well documented. I’ve tried to be selective with what I take as fact and what is speculation. Nevertheless, I’m sure there are mistakes and omissions in this book. I acknowledge they are mine alone.   I’ve tried to indicate areas where the proof is thin but as one travels back in time there seem to be a lot of people with the same name in the same area.

I also ask that my readers acknowledge that our family was a product of its time. There are slave-holders, horse-traders and some folks with less than a complete education. Some were church-going and some were not. And some were so busy trying to scratch out a living that they didn’t stop to write everything down. 

Any project like this is never "finished" and so the author invites you to share any additional information you may have about the family. If you find mistakes, please let me know.

Created 1 February 2019 with RootsMagic Genealogy Software. (c) 2018-2019 Harvey Powers. All rights reserved.